Our quality of life in Saskatchewan is truly remarkable and this has not come about by chance. It was the hard work of the CCF-NDP. But even still the benefits of our society are not enjoyed by all. We must remain steadfast in our commitment to foster safe and affordable communities where everyone is included in the gains we make.  I want to help build a province where no child knows hunger, homelessness or violence.

We just can’t afford more of the Sask. Party's vision for Saskatchewan.  Scott Moe was at the cabinet table and made those decisions. After eleven years of deficits, Premier Moe and the Saskatchewan Party have decided it’s time to balance the budget on the backs of working and vulnerable people. The difference between their vision and ours couldn’t be more stark.

I want my parents and all seniors to have security in their retirement after a lifetime of work, without worrying about the rising cost of medications, cuts to staffing levels in care homes, or the pillaging of pension funds. I also have two teenage daughters and I want them to be able to take advantage of a world-class education system.